Surprising Fans At Their Houses 24 HOUR CHALLENGE **emotional** ❤️ |Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle
Published on Jun 16, 2019
Surprising Fans At Their Houses 24 HOUR CHALLENGE **emotional** ❤️ |Piper Rockelle

Shalom guys! I hope your day is great but better watching surprising fans at their houses 24 hour challenge, it's an emotional video. I love you guys so much so for this funny 24 hours I decided to surprise you at your houses, to get good reactions! This was the most rewarding 24 hour challenge that I have ever done! Be sure to watch until the end to see everyone’s reactions. I've seen this before on Ellen when celebrities surprising fans. How would you react if I showed up to your house and surprised you? Get this video to 100k likes and I’ll do another video like that and maybe I’ll be surprising you next!!! #24hour #challenge #surprise (CHECK OUT MY NEWEST VIDEO) SAYING GOODBYE TO OUR HOME FOREVER **EMOTIONAL REACTION** 💔 Other 24 hour challenge: KIDS TURN 21 YEARS OLD Challenge **GRANDPA REACTS PRANK** 💋🔥 Whatever You DRAW, I’ll BUY It Challenge **Buying My Grandpa His DREAM CAR** 🚘 --------------- WATCH MORE Piper Rockelle: FUNNY PRANKs: - Newest Videos: Most Popular: =======FOLLOW ME======== Instagram: Twitter: Famous Birthdays: ————**who was in the video**————— Editor, Filmer, Director: Hunter: FRANK: ————————— About Piper Rockelle: Welcome to the official Piper Rockelle YouTube channel! My life is quite unique and I enjoy creating funny, fun, family videos including 24 hour challenges, fashion hauls, trending and sometimes messy challenges, prank, makeup tutorials, dancing, diys and simple everyday vlogs. I hope to make you laugh or cheer you up if you’re having a bad day, with my last to challenges, and pranks. These videos are for girls and boys of all ages. Sit back and enjoy! girlfriend